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    XH-2045-HF Heel Fatigue Tester

    • 应用领域:Due to the different light source, illumination, it is not easily to get an uniform environment for users to make accurate color decisions. It is the tool for evaluating color quality and uniformity. It is designed with five different light sources to provide users a standard illumination to detect metamerism.
    1. Details

    Technical parameter:



    Light Source

    D65 International Standard Artifical Daylight 6500K CWF,  Cool White Fluorescent. Store light in US 4200K F/A Incandescent. Home light 2756K  Lamp 365 nm TL84   European, Japan Shop light Source, 4150K

     Interior (W×D×H)

    67×38×36 cm


    71×42×57 cm


    32 kg


    1∮, AC 220V, 1A

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