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    XH-8034-T Printing Ink Durability Tester

    • 应用领域:This machine is designed for determining the rubbing resistance of the printing ink on the printing product. The rubbing paper is wrapped around the rubbing finger, which rubs the surface of the specimen toand-fro at a given speed and pressure. The rubbed specimen and the rubbing paper are checked for their staining grades, or the specimen surface is checked for the pile or wear.
    1. Details

    Technical parameter:




    2.04 kg(20N)

    Abrasion space

    60 mm

    Abrasion hammer

    21, 43, 85, 106 r/min(可选optional)

    Abrasion area

    156×50 mm


    LCD, 0~999,999

    Load error


    Stroke error



    26×23×35 cm

    Weight (approx.)

    20 kg


    1∮, AC 220V, 3A

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