Environmental Testing Machines

    XH-BR Walk-In Type Temperature & Humidity Chamber

    • 应用领域:The walk-in temperature and humidity chamber uses the unique temperature and humidity-regulating method to balance temperature and humidity. It enables the precise setup of temperature and humidity environment, and can heat and humidify stably and uniformly without causing damage to the machine. It also features an especially wide controllable range of temperature andhumidity so that it can meet demands of different customers.
    1. Details

    Technical parameter:



    Temp. Range

    -20~+80(Or specify)

    Temp. Uniformity


    Humid. Range

    20~95% R.H

     Temp. Fluctuation


    Temp. Tolerance


    Humid. Tolerance






    If there is any change in product specifications, we will not inform you otherwise. Please take the actual quotation as the criterion!