Environmental Testing Machines

    XH-7005-T Desk Type Temperature & Humidity Chamber

    • 应用领域:By simulating various conditions of environment and humidity, the constant temperature and humidity tester tests if the adaptability and properties of a product are changed. This tester is widely used for testing electronic components, appliances, metals, rubbers, plastics, chemicals, building materials, food, etc.
    1. Details

    Technical parameter:



    Temp. Range

    0~100, (+125℃ choose

    Temp. Uniformity


     Humid. Range

    30~95% R.H

     Temp. Fluctuation


     Temp. Tolerance


    Humid. Tolerance




    Humid. Uniformity


    Heating Up

    20~100℃ within 30 min

    Cooling Down Time

    20~0℃ within 40 min

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