Plastics, Adhesive Tape Testing Machines

    XH-NMI Melt Flow Indexer

    • 应用领域:This tester is used to measure the rateof extrusion of molten resinsthrough a die of specified length and diameter under prescribedconditions of tem-perature, load and pistonposition in the cylinder formeasuring the flowrates of polymer in producing process.
    1. Details

    Technical parameter:



    Temp. control

     Room temp~450°C

    The control mode

     LCD +SSR+Electric heat sheet

    The test method 

    (A )0.15~50g /10min

    Heating up time 

    10 min(23~190

     Load loadingmethod

     Manual loading


    37×51×56 cm


    1∮, AC220V, 50/60Hz, 5A

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