Company Profile

      We are dedicated to provide customers with top-quality and cutting-edge techniques and services. Our purpose is to prompt technique development and research, quality control and life test of various industries. We simulate various test environmental temperatures and dynamic fatigue by mechanical application and detection so as to evaluate mechanical characteristics of materials, simulate different working conditions and accelerate aging test of materials. Our machines are developed on the basis of various material test standards and are widely used for rubber, tyre, footwear, leather, plastics, automobile and electronics, as well as aging test of various environmental temperatures. Our professional and senior technical team can provide customers with such services as calibration, training, technical support and laboratory management support. Target: to provide customers with the best test experience by supplying top-quality products, professional technical support and top-ranking services. We always supply top-quality products, systems and accessories to help customers to control quality, formulation modification or upgrade regardless of product, service, R&D and marketing. We pumped money into develop innovational techniques and solutions in order to help customers to solve challenges in test. We not only sell product but also partner with customers to ensure high-level customer satisfaction and opening feedback.